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Fratelli Aimasso

Established as a farming estate in the Thirties by great-grandparents Lorenzo and Argentina, after the Second World War one of their children, Pierino, decided to focus his hard work and hopes on growing grapes. In the Seventies he was succeeded by his sons, Lorenzo and Giuseppe, who developed the project and transformed the Estate, concentrating exclusively on winegrowing, increasing production and starting to vinify the excess grapes that were not sold.The Estate is now run by Luca, Lorenzo's son, together with his Uncle Giusep¬pe, and they vinify almost all of their production, looking towards a bigger and different market which is capable of discovering and appreciating the qualities of these excellent grape varieties and the wines made from them.


The estate is in the municipality of Diano d'Alba, a small town in the Langhe, with a population of about 3,000. It has recently been renovated to allow better care and the strictest, most meticulous control of quality during every phase of the vinification process.

All of our wines are made exclusively from grapes grown on the estate, which occupies a total surface area of eight hectares, most of which cultivated as vineyards. The production capacity is approximately 50,000 bottles.

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  • 16

    Feb 2015

    18-03-2015 - Grandi Langhe DOCG 2015



  • 16

    Oct 2014

    Di Sori in Sori - 19/10/2014 - 16th edition




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Azienda Agricola Fratelli Aimasso di Aimasso Luca


Via prov. Montelupo 24 · 12055 Diano D'Alba · Phone +39 0173.69424 ·
P.iva: IT 03411190048 · Cod. fisc: MSSLCU75P12B111N



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