BEER - IGA (Italian Grape Ale)


100% craft beer

A beer that meets our wine

This new creation represents the expression of our bond with our land in the Langhe which, while remaining linked to wine, has allowed us to experiment with a new biodiversity, growing both barley and hops on our land next to the vineyards.

Start is a high fermentation beer made according to the Italian IGA (Italian Grape Ale) style, brewed from a combination of barley malt and the must of red grapes (Dolcetto) grown in our own vineyards. It is a light, slightly cloudy beer, with soft pinkish nuances reflecting the red grape must from which it is brewed. The fruity notes of the grape predominate in the nose and are pleasantly echoed on the palate.
A pale and persistent foam protects the beer from the natural loss of its aromas. It is an aromatically complex beer with a nice dryness that makes it very easy to drink.

100% craft beer. What makes it unique is its very limited production, with brewing taking place exclusively during the grape harvest.
Ingredients Water, barley malt, red grape must, hops, yeast. Contains gluten.
Alcohol content 5.5% Vol
Bottle size 0.33 cl
Serving temperature 6° - 8° C
Store vertically, in a cool place, away from direct light. The product forms natural sediment.

START is born from the bond of our land