Langhe Arneis DOC

White wine of elegant and slight scent that reminds of white flowers and fresh summer fruits such as apple and peach. The colour is a brilliant yellow with bright green reflections throughout. It has a dry and gently sour body with a slight persistent bitter taste.
Pairings: brilliantly paired with any starters aa with spring dishes: omelette and pies filled with fresh herbs, vegetable soups and courgettes flowers, dishes of fresh sweet water fish and vitello tonnato.
Vineyard Arneis: 100%
Yield: 110 q/ha
Yield of wine:: 70%
Natural alcohol in wine: 11% vol

Color: bright yellow with green’s reflections
Scent: white flowers and fresh fruits like apple and peach
Savour: dry, fresh and elegant
Alcohol percentage in wine: 12,5 % vol
Minimal local acidity: 4,5g/l
Minimum net of dry extract: 15 g/l
Winemaking: in the area of production with chance of winemaking out of the area by Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies’s permission
Enrichment special provisions: N/A
Mandatory ageing: none
Additional places names: districts, areas, places
Suggested year of the label: optional
Interested district: Cuneo
Note: bottled wine must be in bordeaux shaped bottles, burgundy or similar
0,750 lt