Diano d'Alba DOCG

Dolcetto of intense ruby red colour with purple hues, fragrant and fruity scent, dry flavour, pleasantly influenced by a various aftertaste of bitter almond which stimulates the palate. It has some aromatics features, such as geraniol, making it enjoyable while young and have the force of medium ageing.
Pairings: first courses filled with meat such as ravioli. Excellent with soft and medium-aged cheeses and all the starters. If young goes very well with "bagna cauda", a traditional Piedmontese dish.
Vineyard Dolcetto: 100%
Yield: 80q/ha
Yield of wine: 70%
Alcohol percentage in wine: 11% vol (12% vol “superior”)

Color: ruby red
Scent: vinous, pleasantly characteristic
Savour: dry and harmonious with a light almond finish, of moderate acidity
Total of alcohol in wine: 13 % vol;for the “superior” mention 12,5%
Minimal local acidity: 5 g/l
Minimum net of dry extract: 29 g/l esclusive area of production resides in Diano d’Alba
Enrichment special provisions: N/A
Mandatory ageing: one year outside of wood, it becomes effective at the next 1th of September to the wine harvest for the “Superior” mention
Additional places names: districts, areas, places.
Suggested year of the label: optional. Compulsory for “superior” mention
Interested district: Cuneo
Note: bottled wine has to be in bordeaux shaped bottles, burgundy or similar
0,750 lt
1,5 lt

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