Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Superiore

Nebbiolo in the purity of 100%. It gives its better after a few years of ageing Great Wine for connoisseurs. The color is deep purple ruby red. The perfume carry scents of raspberries, geranium and wild strawberry alongside lighter notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Its dry flavour reveals its remarkable structure by it’s alcohol and acidity enhancing the flavours, forming elegant and harmonious sensations.
Pairings: in first courses this wine is perfectly paired with Ragù, egg pastas, risotti, roasts, grilled red meat as well as any noble poultry, compliments medium aged cheeses nicely.

Vineyard Nebbiolo 100%
Yield: 70q/ha
Yield of wine: 70%
Natural alcohol in wine: 11% vol (12% vol “superiore”)

Color: intense red with purple reflections
Scent: bouquet of red berries
Savour: elegant and fresh
Alcohol percentage in wine: 14 % vol for the mention “superiore” 12,5%
Minimal local acidity: 5 g/l
Minimum net of dry extract: 22 g/l
Winemaking: in the area of production with chance of winemaking out of the area by Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies’s permission.
Enrichment special provisions: N/A
Mandatory ageing: one year, it becomes effective at the next 1th of January to the wine harvest for the “Superior” mention
Additional places names: districts, areas, places
Suggested year of the label: districts, areas, places
Interested district: Cuneo
Note: bottled wine must be in bordeaux shaped bottles, burgundy or similar
0,750 lt
1,5 lt