Diano d’Alba DOCG Sörì delle Cecche

Dolcetto is of intense ruby color, made by combining grapes from two vineyards, both of which are belonging to Sörì delle Cecche, the most pristine areas of Diano’s territory to perform viticulture. This wine has an intense purple reflex and smooth fruity aroma. A dry wine, influenced by a bitter almond finish. It owns an important structure with a high alcohol percentage. It has some aromatic traits such as geranium that make this wine pleasantly young. This wine may handle medium ageing.
Pairings: Main courses such as meat stuffed ravioli. Perfect with soft or medium aged cheeses and all starters.

Vineyard Dolcetto 100%
Yield: 75q/ha
Yield of wine: 70%
Natural Alcohol in wine:11% vol (12% vol “superiore”)

Color: ruby red
Scent: vinous, pleasantly characteristic
Savour: dry wine, tastes like almonds, moderate acidity and harmonious
Alcohol percentage in wine: 13 % vol; for the mention “superiore” 12,5%
Minimal local acidity: 5 g/l
Minimum net of dry extract: 29 g/l esclusive are of production resides in Diano d’ Alba
Enrichment special provisions: N/A
Mandatory ageing: one year outside of wood, it becomes effective at the next 1th of September to the wine harvest for the “Superior” mention
Additional places names: Sorì delle Cecche
Suggested year of the label : optional. Compulsory for “superior” mention
Interested district : Cuneo
Note: bottled wine must be in bordeaux shaped bottles, burgundy or similar
0,750 lt
1,5 lt

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